Obama: Obama, Warren and Biden were good for the economy. Warren says she’ll take Biden on as VP. | AP

By BRIAN BERGERBACH The Associated PressWASHINGTON (AP) President Barack Obama and Democratic Vice President Joe Biden have agreed to be the third vice president to step down if Hillary Clinton wins the White House, two administration officials said Thursday.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to discuss the talks publicly.

The announcement came hours after Biden’s campaign said it would formally announce its vice presidential selection as it continued to focus on a potential White House run in the wake of the Democratic National Convention.

The president’s pick for the job will be announced as soon as possible, the administration officials told reporters in the Roosevelt Room.

The two men, who are the last remaining Democratic members of the Senate, are the only two people on the Senate’s Judiciary Committee who have yet to decide whether to endorse a candidate.

Both are former prosecutors who are considered to have good credentials for the role.

They have been working closely together on a range of issues including prosecuting gun violence, reforming the tax code and overhauling the military.

Warren and Biden both made the case for their vice president picks during the Democratic convention in Philadelphia on Thursday, where Biden made a broad appeal for support for his pick, saying he’d “be a great vice president.”

Warren’s remarks were the strongest signal yet from the Biden camp that he intends to run for the Whitehouse.

But the vice president and his advisers have been largely mum about the candidates’ names, and their views on specific issues.

The Senate Judiciary Committee will meet in closed session for the first time since Biden announced his choice.

Biden is scheduled to testify on Friday before the committee and is expected to make an announcement as early as Friday.

On Thursday, Biden said he had not yet decided who he would support in the presidential race.

Warren and Warren’s former chief of staff, Marc Short, have said they’ll be running for vice president.

But it’s not clear how the two of them might mesh.

Both Biden and Warren have criticized President Donald Trump in the past.

Warren, who is seeking the Democratic nomination, has been the subject of a fierce, public campaign to unseat Trump, and she is widely viewed as a possible Democratic vice president pick.

Trump has made the vice presidency a priority since the conventions, and Biden has vowed to work aggressively to win it in 2020.

He has made it a key issue during his reelection campaign, which he launched in 2016, and he’s spent the past two months trying to convince Republicans that his plan to bring back coal jobs from China is the right way to build a manufacturing industry in the U.S.

Ahead of the convention, the two men announced their support for Biden and a plan for a transition team.

They pledged to work closely together to create a bipartisan team to oversee the transition to the WhiteHouse.

Biden has also pledged to help the Democratic ticket win back the House.

Biden has said he’ll work to help Democrats retake the Senate and has urged Republicans to vote against a repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

He has been criticized for failing to make any public statements about his plans for the transition team during the convention.

Biden did not immediately respond to a request for comment Thursday.

Brent Budowsky, R-Colo., chairman of the Judiciary Committee, said in a statement that Biden’s choice will make a difference on the campaign trail and will be a good choice for the country.

“The Biden team is focused on getting the American people the best candidate for the vice presidential nomination.

We will continue to hold them accountable for their decisions and work with them to ensure a smooth transition to power,” he said.