When you can’t be lazy and buy a movie, you can be lazy at the cinema

What do you do when you can no longer be lazy?

You do what you love, right?

Well, according to a new study from research company IHS, that’s exactly what you do.

IHS surveyed 2,000 US adults, who were asked to complete a series of questions to find out what they’d do in the event of a pandemic.

It was the most extensive survey ever done into the behaviour of US consumers, and found that a whopping 93% of respondents would buy a new movie if the option was available, while just 1% said they’d be “frugal” in the hope of buying a film of their own.

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Kevin Costner and Jason Statham talk Kevin Costners movie script

Kevin Costellos and Jason Staheen are on the phone again.

The duo talk about their movie, ‘Bees’ script, and more.

The pair were talking about how they both grew up with Kevin as their dad, Jason Stahelens.

The two were talking and they were talking, which was kind of like a little brotherly bond that the boys have.

It’s like a brotherly love.

And they’ve got this amazing chemistry that they have.

They are really good buddies.

So, I think that it’s kind of cool that we are talking about this movie again.

And it’s also cool that I’m doing this, too.

You know, I love it when people talk about the movie.

I love when people are talking.

So I just love talking about it.

We talked a little bit last week about how much we like the script, how much the script was meant to be.

We’re really happy with it, too, in the sense that we feel like we have the right story there and I think we’re going to find a way to tell it.

So we’ve been talking about a little over a year now.

It was a big year for ‘Bones,’ a big season for ‘The Hunger Games,’ and the new season, too; and we’re all looking forward to that.

We just love each other and we love working with each other.

And I think it’s just really fun that we’re having that.