When it comes to movies, Nicolas Cage has a lot of movies to his credit

BYLINE: By JOHN CASSIDY and CHRISTOPHER FOGELMAN, Associated Press An Associated Press/All About Entertainment teamThe following article was originally published on April 25, 2017, at 11:55 p.m.

EDT and is reproduced here with permission.

(© AP/AP)By JOHN CASTILLO, Associated NewsNew York City – It’s not often that someone can make a name for himself as a movie star, but Nicolas Cage seems to have done just that.

Cage, who starred in movies including “Saving Private Ryan,” “The Shawshank Redemption” and “The Dark Knight Rises,” became the face of a franchise as well as a star in his own right.

Now, he’s coming out in his third film, “The Hateful Eight.”

It stars Samuel L. Jackson, who plays the character who once saved Cage from being killed in “The Road.”

In a trailer posted on the Netflix website, Cage’s character was seen in a diner with a bunch of friends and, with the help of his dog, gets out of a vehicle.

A group of people, including his wife, see him walking away and try to stop him.

Cage shouts back, “Don’t get out of my way!”

A few minutes later, Cage appears on the set of a TV news show in the desert.

He’s holding a sign reading “We’re gonna win.”

It’s the first time that Cage has appeared on a major network news program, though the New York Times reports that he has been on the network news in the past.

(It’s unclear if that was intentional.)

Cage was the first actor to appear on a cable news program in 2015, and he has made at least three appearances on the ABC News and CBS Evening News in the same year.

(Cable News Network was not involved in this report.)

“We’re a small, independent TV network and we’re trying to create something unique in this day and age,” David Marcus, a CNN producer who is also a producer on “The O.C.,” said in a statement.

“That is why we’re thrilled to have Nicolas Cage on our network.”

The announcement came after a meeting with Netflix executives in Manhattan.

In the trailer for “The Big Short,” Cage’s dog, Bozo, is seen running around the diner with the sign “We are the Hateful eight.”

Why Google Play Movies isn’t as bad as you think

Google Play is now offering a few new features to its Android app store.

The biggest of these is the ability to stream from a mobile device to an HD TV.

The feature is available on Android phones and tablets now, and the feature is also being rolled out to Google Play’s other apps.

The other new feature is the option to stream video from the Google Play Store, a way for Android users to easily share movies and TV shows across multiple devices.

The ability to do this is part of a larger shift towards a “one device, many devices” model for Google Play.

With Android devices getting increasingly more powerful, and Google Play increasingly relying on the more popular Chrome OS operating system, it is easy to see why the platform is starting to look less and less like a standalone app store for apps.

“The idea of the Google app store has always been that there’s a lot of flexibility,” said Andrew Gildenbrand, VP of product at Google Play in a statement.

“You can bring a lot more functionality to the app, and we’re working hard to make that work with Google Play devices as well.”

There are two big differences between streaming from a Google Play device to a HD TV, Gildens said.

One is that you can’t access the movie content directly on your phone, instead you need to download it from the store.

Another is that there are limitations on what you can do with the video you stream.

“If you’re playing in a home theater, there’s no option to watch it on a large screen, or to play it at 720p on a 4K TV,” Gildenhart said.

There’s also a bit of a difference in how the playback works.

With a streaming video app, it’s more like a movie theater.

The app’s interface is still the same, but you have a choice of what you want to watch.

For a home entertainment experience, it might be the same movie, but instead of using a remote, you’re controlling your TV through a video app.

With Google Play movies, you can choose to view the movie on a screen or a TV.

If you’re just watching on the go, you have access to a screen that you then control using a physical remote.

But if you want more control, you’ll need to watch the movie in the Google Store app on your device.

“This is a big shift in how we view the content we’re providing to our users,” Gainenhart explained.

Google Play has always taken a hands-off approach to its streaming feature, allowing it to use the store as its primary place for its apps.

In that sense, this change is an important one.

With many Android users switching to Chrome OS, and many of them being more likely to stream movies, Google Play could be looking at a real opportunity for more of its apps to work with Chromecast.

“What we’re seeing in the marketplace right now is that the Google Cast service is a great fit for most Android users,” said Alex Wojcicki, VP and general manager of Google Play apps, in a recent interview with VentureBeat.

“For many of our users, they’re watching movies on their phones or tablets, and they want to play them on a big screen.

So, for them, the Google service is the best way to go.

The same goes for most people who have a Google TV or Google Home device.

You can also have the Google Home app on the device, and watch the same content on the Google TV app.”

The Google Play store has a wide range of content, including music, TV shows, and movies, and even a few games.

The new features will probably go into effect soon, though Google will also make it easy for users to try out new features for their devices and get feedback on them.

The changes will also hopefully make the app easier for Android devices to use, but Gildes said the company will take a close look at the new functionality.

“It’s important that Google Play continue to be an easy and seamless experience for our users as we continue to evolve the Google services and products for all our devices,” he said.

“And for all the new content we have coming in the future, we will continue to invest heavily in making sure that we have the best experiences for our customers.”

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