Marvel’s The Avengers: Avengers: The Rise of Ultron is the best movie of the year

Marvel’s Avengers: A movie that has dominated the movie-going charts for weeks now is the only one that has not received an Oscar nomination.

It’s a shame, because The Avengers has been one of the best movies of the summer so far.

That’s because, in a year filled with great movies, it’s not even close.

Here’s why.

The Avengers opens in theaters on June 1, and its first full day in theaters was June 16, when it grossed $4.4 million in previews and $5.4 billion at the box office.

That is not the worst showing of the movie, but it is certainly not a blockbuster.

Its biggest problem is that it’s a bit of a disappointment on a personal level, because its success has been so surprising and unexpected.

The plot of the film is the story of a group of scientists and scientists who must come together to solve a mystery and save the world from an impending super-weapon that is going to destroy it all.

It seems like a movie about scientists in a laboratory, but in fact, it is more like a film about a group trying to find a way to solve the same problem, even though there is no science to be found in the solution.

The characters are all great, and it has been an interesting film to watch.

Chris Evans is an incredible actor, and his role as Steve Rogers is one of my favorite movies of all time.

James Spader is also a great actor, with a great chemistry with Scarlett Johansson.

The film has been a hit with the Academy Award voters, and so far, they’ve shown great interest in the movie.

They’re not giving any awards yet, but the Academy is going back to the drawing board with the 2018 election, and if the movie gets nominated, they’ll be able to make some changes.

The problem is, it seems that the movie has had little traction with the film critics, which is a real problem.

While The Avengers was nominated for eight awards in its first year, it has only won three.

There are several reasons for this, and one of them is that the critics don’t like movies that they don’t think are good.

I’m not sure what’s going to happen with The Avengers, but I do know that I will miss watching the movie every year.

The movie is very good, but its failure to win an Oscar is a huge disappointment for fans of the superhero genre.

I was a little worried that it might not get nominated at all, because it’s such a great movie.

I knew that the film was going to win the Oscar, but after the first few weeks of its release, the critics started criticizing it for its low critical score.

This was a problem, because I wanted to see how the critics felt about The Avengers.

It wasn’t a big surprise to see that The Avengers received mixed reviews, and that the overall movie did pretty well in terms of box office and critical reception.

The Critics were right, but only because The Rise Of Ultron had a positive reception.

This is an extremely talented group of moviegoers.

There’s not many movies in the history of cinema that have gotten a positive response from the critics, because critics have been a bit more reserved about films in the past.

That means that critics have an easier time judging films in a vacuum, which makes it easier to see movies like The Avengers and the movies that are more popular, like The Revenant and Arrival, because they’re not getting a lot of critical acclaim.

It makes sense that The Revengers and Arrivals received less criticism, because their movies were more popular.

That also helps with a box office success, since more people are willing to pay money for a film like this.

I think the problem is the critics didn’t like The Rise, and I think that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences did.

The critics were more concerned with the fact that The Rise was a remake of the first Avengers film, which was a mistake because that’s not what The Avengers is.

The first Avengers was a sequel to the first Marvel movie, which ended up being a pretty good movie, and the second Avengers movie was a movie that ended up a better movie.

So it seems like critics are less interested in The Avengers because the film didn’t make a lot more money than the first movie did.

Critics did like The Dark Tower, because the first film didn

How to watch the new Star Trek movie in Space movies

The new Star Wars movie will feature the first time that we see a human being in the cockpit of a Star Destroyer.

The new film will see a whole new set of characters, including a new female character who looks a lot like Jyn Erso, the first female pilot of the original Star Wars trilogy.

Jyn Ermee, a former member of the Resistance, will be played by the actress who won the role in the first Star Wars installment, Carrie Fisher.

The first movie, released in 1977, was one of the first major releases of the new generation of Star Wars films, which was aimed at a young audience.

In this new installment, the story follows the rise of the Rebellion, which led to the Empire conquering the galaxy in the prequel trilogy.

The new film was directed by J.J. Abrams, and stars Chris Pine as the mysterious Resistance pilot, while Anthony Daniels plays General Leia Organa.

In the new movie, the characters of Leia and Captain Phasma will be introduced, and it will be interesting to see how their relationship develops in the future.

It’s not clear whether or not they will remain in the series.

In this new film, we will see new characters in the Star Destroyer as well, including one who looks like a lot of old Star Wars fans, which means they are going to be familiar faces.

It will be fascinating to see the new characters as the film continues to unfold, and I am excited to see who will play them.