The Latest on the Space-Time Vortex (4/8/2018)

The Latest On the Space – Time Vortex (A/N: I had to rewrite the story, so the first 10 chapters are still in the book.)

The Time Vortex is a mysterious, mysterious phenomenon which appears to occur whenever there is a large amount of gravitational disturbance or magnetic field fields in the Earth’s space, and is known to be the cause of a number of phenomena including:The Time-Dilation Loop is a phenomenon in which the gravitational fields from an object in the universe, such as a star, are so strong that they affect the Earth and cause it to slow down, slow down in the direction of the Earth, and sometimes slow down to near the speed of light.

The Moon, the Sun, and the planets are all examples of this phenomenon.

The Time Vortex affects the Earth because the Earth rotates around the Sun.

The time between the Earth being pulled inwards and the Sun being pulled away from it, the gravitational field is so strong it is enough to warp space-time.

This can be seen in the video below, which is an animation that shows how the Earth is pulled into and out of its current position, with an Earth-centered planet.

The animation shows the rotation of the Sun over time and shows that the rotation does not end with a complete revolution.

The rotation begins at a constant rate, so that the Earth still spins as it rotates, and ends with a full revolution.

The Time Travel Loop is also a phenomenon that can occur.

The Earth is traveling towards the Sun in the space of just a few minutes.

However, due to the time gap between the Sun and the Earth (and due to some forces in the solar system that have no effect on the Earth), the Earth will be traveling at a very high speed.

This is what happens to the Earth when it passes through a point of zero-velocity and reaches zero-g.

The space between the point of the point where the Earth would have zero velocity and zero speed (the “zero-g” point) will be a black hole, a region of space where the space between those two points is totally black, with nothing between them, which has the exact opposite effect on both the Earth itself and the stars.

The gravity of this black hole causes the Earth to move towards the zero-point and the motion of the planet, which in turn causes the space-Time to slow.

The Earth will also be moving away from the black hole and travelling towards the space in which it would have been travelling in.

The Gravity of this Black Hole causes the Moon to move inwards towards the Earth.

The motion of all of these objects in the Universe, as well as everything else in the galaxy, are in constant motion.

As the Earth passes through the point that is between the stars, it passes within a small radius of the black holes at the point which is the point at which they are aligned, or at the intersection of their orbits.

The gravitational field that the Moon has in its orbit around the Earth causes the gravitational waves from the Sun to be detected and recorded by the Earth-Moon system.

This is known as the gravitational-wave event.

The effect of the gravitational event on the Moon is that the gravitational wave event is a kind of radio signal, which, once it reaches Earth, can be picked up by a telescope.

These radio signals are called gravitational waves.

The most important effect of these gravitational waves on the Universe is that they cause time to slow, and so the Universe will begin to age.

The Big Bang and the birth of the universeThe Universe was created and was eventually destroyed in a supernova explosion which, in turn, created and sustained a small black hole in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, which was the center point of gravity in the early universe.

When the black-hole reached its maximum mass, it was sucked into the center, where it eventually exploded in a massive explosion called the Big Bang.

When the Big Boomerang exploded, the stars that were in the Milky Wave, which were the stars of the galaxy that formed after the Big Boom, were all destroyed.

The stars were brought into the Universe and became stars of different stars in the rest of the Universe.

When they left the galaxy and returned to the Milky Stream, they created a massive galaxy known as Andromeda.

The Andromeda galaxy is an important part of our universe, because it is a region that was created in a galaxy where most of the stars in that galaxy were not.

Andromeda contains some of the oldest and most distant stars in our galaxy, which are also found in the Andromeda galaxy.

The Andromeda galaxy contains stars with a mass of about a billion to a billion billion times the mass of the sun, and its stars have a radius of about 100 light-years.

Andromeda has a total mass about three and a half billion to four billion times that of the earth,

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