I’m a zombie movie and I’m making $20M at the box office

Here’s how the zombies are coming to Hollywood: The first film is set in a futuristic zombie apocalypse that involves a team of scientists working to bring down the zombie-like creature that’s threatening cities around the world.

But it’s also a zombie thriller that features a killer zombie and a scientist who becomes obsessed with saving humanity.

It’s set to hit theaters on Friday, Nov. 20.

The film is expected to gross $20 million at the U.S. box office.

In its first weekend, the film was playing in 10 theaters.

The second film, “The Purge,” has already been a box office hit at the domestic box office, grossing $17 million from its debut Friday.

But this weekend, it’s looking at $20.5 million.

In addition to its big opening weekend, “Pursuit” is also set to be a box-office success in the U: it’s expected to earn $35 million in its second weekend.

“The Revenant” is set to bring in about $60 million domestically and the studio is counting on the film’s international debut to make up for its weakness.