HULU’s Pearl Harbor: A True Story

Pearl Harbor movie, the epic saga of U.S. forces in the Pacific, will debut at the end of the month on the Hulu streaming service, the network announced Monday.

The Pearl Harbor, a movie based on the best-selling novel by Tom Clancy, will be available to stream on Hulu on Feb. 28 and on Feb 15, the same day as the official premiere of the first movie, Pearl Harbor at the Palace Theater, which premieres in New York City on Feb 22.

Hulu, which has a deal with Disney to stream the film in the U.K., is offering the movie at a discount because of its low production cost and because it will be streamed in its native language.

The movie is being produced by Warner Bros. and MGM.

MGM is producing in-house the movie, which will feature a new cast.

The film will be directed by John J. Hurt, who also wrote the screenplay for the 2009 movie, The Hunger Games.

The blockbuster was an inspiration for Walt Disney’s “Frozen,” which has earned more than $1.2 billion worldwide.

Hulk, a popular Disney character, also has a place in the movie.

Disney and the producers of the movie hope that the film will appeal to young viewers who love to see heroes fight for their country.

Hulud is a British name meaning “the land of the sea.”

It is the name of the island nation of the same name that sits on the Atlantic Ocean off the northern coast of Greenland.