You can make a Space movie with a $25 space shuttle!

Hacker News article The future of space movies will be here soon.

NASA has released a short video of an unmanned, three-axis motion capture device.

The robot uses a joystick to steer the camera to a target.

You can see the video below.

The robot, named “The Orbiter,” is used to create 3D movies of space missions in the near future.

The agency says the robot’s 3D motion capture technology could one day be used in space missions to make space movies.

NASA also showed off its new robotic system, the Orbiter-2, which it claims is capable of creating space movies using just two human hands.

The company behind the robot says the Orbiters 3D cameras can be used for “all kinds of applications” including filming astronauts in space and other areas.

They are currently in development for use on NASA missions, such as the Mars 2020 rover and the 2020 Mars Science Laboratory.

The company is also developing a new, 3D-sensing camera called the Orbitor 3D, which will be able to capture more than 1,000 frames per second.