‘Dump Trump’ protests rally in Florida set to take place on December 11th, according to organizers

SANTA CRUZ COUNTY, Florida (AP) A large anti-Donald Trump protest is scheduled to take a dramatic turn on Sunday as organizers say they will hold a rally in the southern Florida city of Daytona Beach that’s expected to attract up to a million people.

The march is being organized by a group called The People’s Assembly, which has pledged to bring more than 5,000 protesters onto the streets of Daytona, home to two major auto plants and the home of Trump Tower.

On Sunday, organizers of the rally, which is being dubbed “Dump Donald Trump,” have promised to march from Daytona Beach to downtown Miami, where Trump is scheduled for a rally later Sunday night.

More than a thousand protesters are expected to descend on downtown Miami for the rally and march.

“We’re not here to disrupt the inauguration,” said Brandon Bivens, an organizer with The Peoples Assembly.

“This is a civil rights rally.

And we’re not going to be disruptive to that.

We’re here to call out Trump, we’re here for the First Amendment, and we’re going to keep marching until he’s impeached.”

Miami-Dade County Police Chief Michael Oros said he was concerned about traffic and traffic-related delays and that the city has already seen an influx of people from outside the county.

He said he is planning for a large turnout of police and volunteers from around the county to keep the march moving.

Bivens said the event is being promoted as a rally against Trump’s anti-immigrant policies.

He said that despite his fears of protests, Bivents believes there is a “lack of understanding” of the protests.

Miami’s mayor, Carlos Gimenez, has called for peaceful protests.

“I am very disappointed,” Gimenez said in a statement.

“As far as I’m concerned, this is not a peaceful march.

There is no reason to get violent.

I am disappointed that there is not greater understanding of the peaceful protest.”

The rally is not the first time that Bivends has been involved in an anti-Trump protest.

He was arrested in July for blocking traffic at a Trump rally in Jacksonville.

He later pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges.

The Trump inauguration was originally scheduled for January 20, but organizers canceled it in March amid the protests, saying it was too early to be sure the new president would be successful.

The marches, which have been called the largest in Florida since the inauguration of President George W. Bush in 2001, have attracted thousands of protesters from around Europe and North America.

They have been largely peaceful, with some vandalism, but have also attracted more than 1,000 people on the sidewalks of downtown Miami.