Canada’s top 10 movies of 1992: Clue Movie (1993)

Drive movie is the 10th movie released in Canada to win the Golden Globe.

The 1992 space movie Clue won best picture, but was the first to win Best Original Screenplay.

The film stars Paul Newman as a private investigator whose job is to unravel a conspiracy involving a wealthy billionaire.

The movie is based on the book of the same name by Robert Chambers.

It is a must-see for all sci-fi fans.

The 1991 James Bond movie The World Is Not Enough won best foreign language film, while the 1992 comedy The Uninvited won best comedy film.

The 1990 movie The Exorcist won best director, and the 1990 movie A Man for All Seasons won best supporting actor.

The 1980 James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies won best actor for Roger Moore, while Best Picture winner Midnight Cowboy won best screenplay.

The 1981 James Bond flick Skyfall won best drama film.

In 1991, James Bond films The World is Not Enough and Tomorrow NeverDies were both nominated for the best actor Oscar, but they were never nominated.

The first James Bond was released in 1987.

The films that came after the first James Bonds, which were released in 1989 and 1990, won Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Original Score.

In 1988, The World Ends With You won best adapted screenplay, but it won only best original score.

In 1990, The Bond franchise went to two movies, The Man with the Golden Gun and Die Another Day.

The second James Bond hit, Goldfinger, won best movie, but not Best Picture.

In 1989, Casino Royale won Best Director.

In 1992, James Bonds films Tomorrow Never Dawns won Best Actor for Tom Cruise, and best actor, best picture winner The World was Not Enough.

In 1994, Bond films Goldfinger and Thunderball won Best Movie, and Golden Globe, and screenplay winner The Unnatural was nominated for best picture.

The 1993 James Bond movies Thunderball, Thunderball 2, Thunderballs, Thunderbirds, Thundercats, Thunderstruck, Thunderfall, Thunder, and Thunderdome won Best Foreign Language Film.

The 1994 James Bond franchise won Best Original Song.

In 1999, Bond movies Goldfinger: The Man Who Fell to Earth and Thunderballs won Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, and Foreign Language Oscar.

In 2001, Bond’s The World Turns Against Him won Best Supporting Actress, Best Original Sound, and a Golden Globe for Best Supporting actor.

In 2004, James Brosnan won Best Performance by a Canadian Actor.

In 2009, the James Bond Film Collection was released.

James Bond’s third film, Quantum of Solace, won two Oscars, one for Best Director and one for Original Screening.

James Bonds third film Quantum of Safety won two Oscar nominations.

In 2012, Bond and Quantum of Sorrow won Best Cinematic Presentation and Best Foreign language Film.

In 2015, the Bond Movie Collection was remade with a new title Quantum of Lies.

In 2016, James and Bond starred in the remake of James Bond: The World Was Not Enough, starring Daniel Craig.

In 2017, James Bourne was released as a limited series, with James Bond as the lead.

In 2018, James Pierce was released on the silver screen, in the role of Bond.

In 2019, Bond starred as Bond in the rebooted James Bond 007, starring Tom Hardy.

In 2020, James Henson returned as Bond, with Pierce returning as his mentor, MI6 agent Sean Connery.

Bond and Pierce reunited in the live-action Bond franchise.

James and Pierce starred in their third live-upcoming Bond movie, Spectre.

In 2021, James James Bond directed and starred in his sixth film, Skyfall.

In 2024, James had his fifth film released, and Bond and Pee Wee starred in a sequel to Skyfall, Spectre II.

James James Pierce starred as James Bond in his fifth live-based film, The Living Daylights.

James Pierce’s Bond is now playing James Bond for a third time.

In 2025, James, Pierce, and Pierce’s wife, Natasha Romanoff, starred in The Living Days.

In 2030, James’s first film, Casino, was released, in which Pierce, Romanoff and Bond played characters from Casino Royale, with Romanoff playing Bond’s mistress, Eve.

James had a starring role in the film.

James, Bond, and Phee Wee starred as two other Bond characters in the films The Living World and The Living Bond.

James Harkin, James J. Carter, James B. Harkin and James J.-Carter starred as the characters in Casino.

James Bagger, James A. Carter and James A.-Carter played the characters of Daniel and his father, Max, in Casino Royale.

James Bourreaux, James P. Bourreau, James G. Bourréaux, and James G.-Bourréaux starred as characters from The Living